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Nov 05

Chap. 21 Omniscience

Chapter 21 For three years, this was where the geophysical research department conducted extreme temperature testing on deep well probing devices, but now it is home to Anaxagoras. Week by week I’ve been watching her construction – She came online … Continue reading

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May 04

Chap. 16 Sandra

  Anna walks swiftly, but quietly out the door of the conference room. Sandra starts to call after her. How easy it is to see through her indifference, how understandable her angst has become. The company has set Anna aside, … Continue reading

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Oct 05

Chap. 10 Crystal Palace

Something they don’t mention very often at the academy; how slow the response time is to small budget advertising. Even the natural born know that if you want a fast response, then a large advertising budget is required. Well, maybe … Continue reading

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Dec 04

Chap. 1 Human-chine

Dedicated to Dr. Gleason for reminding me that I had much to learn and to my mother, Dr. Gailyn Howell, who came to me in a dream two weeks after she died and reminded me of my ‘unfinished business’, this … Continue reading

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