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May 04

Chap. 16 Sandra

  Anna walks swiftly, but quietly out the door of the conference room. Sandra starts to call after her. How easy it is to see through her indifference, how understandable her angst has become. The company has set Anna aside, … Continue reading

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Feb 04

Chap. 13 Obliging Little Angels

  Anna presses her hands down the sides of her hips to straighten her gray skirt, which is hidden under a sterile lab coat. Walking down the hall, she passes Gail’s office on her way to the company courtyard. . … Continue reading

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Jan 04

Chap. 12 The Death of a Career

Doctor Anna Bronson Dunhill sat up at her desk and thought to herself, “ This was going to be another unbearable day, undoubtedly since Gail, normally a rather humble person, was beginning to seem just a little too proud of … Continue reading

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