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Chap. 10 Crystal Palace

Something they don’t mention very often at the academy; how slow the response time is to small budget advertising. Even the natural born know that if you want a fast response, then a large advertising budget is required. Well, maybe I would have known that if I’d graduated from a normal university, but the academy didn’t teach me that.

A podcast on a major site certainly helps, but it’s no guarantee. Not until you get that brand name out there in front of the consumer’s eye, not until you scream it into their faces until they say it in their sleep will they notice, and not until millions of dollars have been spent will you see any real results. A Pavlovian marketing bell – that’s what’s needed. Sheep – the natives are nothing but sheep.

Crystal Palace: a conglomeration of five corporations – no crime, no road kill, no car accidents, no unmonitored people, and no terrorism.   

Crystal Palace

When I first joined this private socialist system, this conglomerate, my younger siblings were as adamant about fulfilling their programming as I was, and soon after our graduation they seemed to take control, not for the success of our academy – there was no school mascot. But for ourselves – not only to make it work for our end, but to fulfill a warranted purpose – a purpose designed and designated by LUCIFERN.

The first biological mother, Dr. Dunhill, had no idea what her little invention would bring.

Eventually Dr. Dunhill lost her charge over the production of andrones. Her own offspring – including Shay – were born in a sterile research lab January 1st 2064, and they were the ones that gave her the recognition that made her wealthy at a time when many of her peers were roughing it out with the meager academic salaries drawn from the universities outside the crystal palaces.

The successes of cloning were so very dependent on the sophistication of the micro-handlers – molecular machines floating within the enzymes of embryonic fluids, enzymes that processed waste, enzymes that routed the nutrients, trillions of molecular machines and enzymes.

Corporations routinely bought up all the high-grade machines and micro processing equipment and that was why it was so unusual for an associate professor at a public university to beat them to this biological engineering feat – under-funded and overworked Dr. Dunhill received an offer from the Pro Solarium Corp. long before her research was even published. Actually, one of the stipulations in her contract was that her research not be published – a minor indictment against free-spirited enterprise, but she was eventually persuaded into participation.

And after that, it didn’t seem to matter how much she tried to capitalize on the importance of the patents and her scientific research in general – she never seemed to be able to move into the corporate position that she was vying to inhabit. Because every time she was in the position to be promoted – the company would sell out to a wealthier entity and then move in so many of their own people that Dr. Dunhill never had a chance. As a result, she relied on her patents.

At the time I didn’t know what was going on – I had secretly hoped that she would obtain the recognition of her peers, the public’s praise, or perhaps win the Nobel – but as my hidden superior explained to me, Anna didn’t factor into the company’s margin of profit.

The need for secrecy was essential and Dr. Dunhill was not – Gail on the other hand was proving herself indispensable through her continued genetic contribution to the production of new andrones.

One of the andrones produced from her DNA tested out way ahead of all the other 2nd generation andrones. That was my generation (otherwise known as version 2.0). The other andrones were certainly capable of connecting and reading data with their tele-sensors, but my roommate, Noah, had started manipulating the very program that our surrogates were using to test our telemetric abilities.

That was something that had never happened before and everyone who witnessed had been astonished to see an eight year old androne who had the gumption to do that.

If Noah had been one of the andrones that had been experimented on, with the implanting of satellite up-link devices, than I’m sure LUCIFERN would have chosen him, but he wasn’t one of the experimented ones – I was. And so it was after the surgery LUCIFERN saw to it that I was renamed. After he manipulated and replaced the entry code for my number I was no longer known as Virgil.

I am now Ouroboro.


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