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Chap. 14 Dr. Gail Irvine

Dr. Gail Irvine

When Gail Irvine first arrived at the academy, she was excited, nervous, and had an overwhelming desire to win friends. She wanted to be a team player. Yet, she was humble about it.

A calm reassurance kept her ego at bay. She did everything that she could to get along, even when she didn’t agree. She smiled too hard, she laughed at everyone’s jokes, even when they weren’t funny.

She placated Shay because the other andrones looked up to him, and she wanted to get along. She wanted to be a good teacher and inspire them. But as the other guardians loathed Shay, the VIPs began to wear her down and make her feel small; they constantly reminded her of their loathing of Shay. “The deformed one is at it again!” they would often say.

Then the andrones developed from her DNA began to show greater promise than any of the other andrones.

Her DNA, as it turned out, was more beneficial, and more conducive to the development of andrones. Once she realized that her andrones were testing out way beyond the other andrones she began to lose her inferiority complex.

Soon after this she began to look down on the other andrones and treat them a little bit less than what she had in the beginning. She didn’t mean to at first, but she couldn’t help it as she began to realize that she was more important than she’d previously thought.

She began to ignore the older andrones. Often she would pass by without her usual smiling acknowledgement.

Shay resented this, because she was the one that he’d been trying to impress all along. Out of all the guardians, she was the only one whom seemed take pleasure in him, or so he was led to believe by her patronizing conduct.

The other andrones were easy to impress, because they didn’t have any personality. But Gail was the only one who would actually laugh at his jokes, and his rebellious diversions.

Vicariously, her acceptance of Shay made the andrones feel special.

But then she became more aloof, and it devastated Shay. He began treating his apprentice, Noah (one of Gail’s offspring) with jealousy – he began to leave Noah with responsibilities that Noah couldn’t do on his own. And though it was Shay’s job to show him how to do their lesson plans – he wouldn’t. He would let him fail. And he tried to discourage Noah and put him down because it made Shay feel better about being treated so off handedly by the one person he actually cared about.

He couldn’t help it. It felt good to watch Noah fail. It made him feel less like a second rate androne. And as a result, Gail began to distance herself from Shay.

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