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Chap. 18 Shifting Times


The academy was producing andrones at an exponential rate – not only andrones, but also androne producing franchises. Every four years another batch – another generation was spilling forth from the uterine vats. Four years between each new generation gave them time to build other manufacturing facilities. Outside of the conglomerates, crime was on the rise. The collective was forming and the natives were becoming more and more hostile.

In the corporate cities, monitoring bracelets were being replaced by implants; a breach in security led to the death of 27 people causing a cry for more security (these breaches seemed to happen every seven years). An employee was killed while visiting his relatives – his bracelet was stolen by someone able to pass as the employee. Once he was inside he then set off a homemade bomb in a crowded store.

 “I can’t stand him anymore. Noah is 16 years old and still holds onto some childhood psychosis. Like the self-pity he wallows in could somehow make up for his lack of confidence – like the sarcasm and self-pity ever made up for anything.” – Telemachus Shay, April 27, 2081.

That aspect of Noah’s behavior came from being slighted by his mentor Telemachus Shay – who would leave Noah with responsibilities that he couldn’t perform. Shay did this because it made him feel better about being treated as a second rate classmate. It made him feel better about being treated as a second rate student/androne by Gail whose attention switched from Shay onto Noah – as she began to become a snob in reaction to Dr. Dunhill’s condescending attitude toward her.

In other words, her admiration for Shay shifted onto Noah about the time Noah turned six years old. This is when Gail began to realize how well behaved and hard-working Noah was.

Noah stood out from the rest of the andrones that were created from her DNA. Somehow, the academy encouraged her to shift her attention onto Noah and to hold him up as an example of how an androne should behave.

They probably threatened her.

There were times when she would openly compare Noah’s diligence to Shay’s mockery. Poor Shay, he was elected to be Noah’s mentor and was too young to realize that it was nothing personal – product reliability was very important to the corporation that sponsored the Academy (and paid Gail’s ever-increasing salary).

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