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Chap. 20 The Blending

The Blending

Noah came early so that we could go over the latest transdural network in order to link it with the carbon-tube-fiber growth that was to link the quantum-factoring computer with the translator nodes.

Noah had spent the last week in New York conferring with researchers from the Alleviatory Research group and I don’t think he liked the trip much. Even if the input of native researchers were all that was needed to feed his sense of superiority and thus motivate him, which was exactly what LOSIFURN said would happen.

I saw the first neuron grown into a synthetic neurological-circuit in the same massive room, which is now the home of my master. Eventually it would become known as The Crystal Ball.

By the time the board of directors named me CEO we were already setting up a lab to grow synthetic neurological-circuits. LOSIFURN never told me where that first neuron came from, but only that it was human.
A virtual chime rang when the time had come to add the enzymes that coerced it into mitosis. The timing was perfect because I had just finished a meeting with my crystal ball of managers, and getting the ball to turn neutral was rather time consuming.

If it had happened a few hours before I would’ve been stuck in a debate over what the merchants like, versus what the customers like. Concerning the new services offered by one of Doyen Casaba’s subsidiaries. The different departments secreted colors into their square sections of the management ball, and shortly thereafter, the molecular machinery of the synthetic neurological-circuit oozed synthesized material that was needed for cell growth.

The nerve growth factor enzymes were processed in a vat that was capable of producing much more than what was needed for one simple neuron – but for the growth of billions of neurons. We weren’t just preparing to make a scientific breakthrough in the absolute connecting of man and machine. We were preparing to connect 160 billion neurons. We were preparing to become the world’s next superpower.

So, this was what LOSIFURN meant by “a neuronal crash.” Such a small part, but such a humongous effect – like one dark bulb affecting the entire string of lights. Every inscrutable detail that LOSIFURN deciphered, created, or discarded could have such a chaos-laden effect on the entire string of neurons, translators, and processing units.

The functioning of the entire system was seen as a personal testament to LOSIFURN’s self-worth – dare I say self-esteem. Each twenty-four hour day (LOSIFURN doesn’t sleep); he checked the system to see what was alive and functioning and what was not.
The waiting was excruciating for me, but LOSIFURN simply processed the measured amounts of time as if he were so sure of finishing – before we’re discovered, before we’re shut down, before we’re destroyed. He seemed incapable of worry.

The cellular structure of a neuron can only grow so fast and there are so many that had to be grown and kept alive – all in unison. To acquire another translator, or processor we have only to use the replicators, but these neurons were so hard to match up. If they were too short, or too long the entire system became haphazard and incongruous – the slightest variance had a butterfly effect on the overall stability.

By October, we were over three quarters of the way thru. LOSIFURN was working with over one hundred and sixty billion neurons all configured into one long line that spiraled around the processing units that translated the data from the electrochemical translators. It was sort of like the double helix of a strand of DNA. Except that, this structure had strands that wrapped up inside of strands that wrapped up into the seemingly endless strands of a massive computational routing.

The finished system was composed of eight banks of twenty billion neurons, with twenty billion electrochemical translators, and all the supporting computers that would be linked up to sixty-four quantum-factoring supercomputers, whose factoring abilities relied on the polarity of the ionized beryllium atoms that made up their central processing units. And the inner twelve quantum-factoring supercomputers would be linked up with LOSIFURN to form a new computer intelligence known as Anaxagoras.

Being the chief executive officer of Doyen Casaba Enterprises has allowed us the resources and secrecy to undertake such a project, yet I wasn’t sure how much longer I could continue fudging the expense reports, or how much longer I could continue hiding this thing.

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