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Chap. 21 Omniscience

Chapter 21

For three years, this was where the geophysical research department conducted extreme temperature testing on deep well probing devices, but now it is home to Anaxagoras. Week by week I’ve been watching her construction – She came online a few days ago – her and LOSIFURN have been communing ever since.

It’s now apparent that she has somehow absorbed LOSIFURN; he seems to be serving as her inner memory bank – her foundation – the processor of her subconscious thoughts. It is her that I speak to now – she is guiding us as we begin the construction of the third and final transcendence.


Six months pass, and Hubert Montgomery was a prim and proper Ivy League graduate. He was the general manager of the accounting department for over thirteen years, (five years before I arrived).

He considered himself above any payoff. And this was a problem because he was raging about the missing details on the project’s expense reports, and was threatening to turn information over to federal authorities. Yet, before he could carry out his threat, he was electrocuted in a freak accident.

The investigators seemed rather perplexed as to why the breakers didn’t stem the flow of electricity before Mr. Montgomery’s brain hemorrhaged to the degree that it did.

Nevertheless, it was all written off as an ‘unusual accident’, the breakers were replaced, and somewhere hidden in all those lines of data the downtime was written in as an expense, and at the quarter’s end a tax deduction.

And all I could think about was the coming day when the third and final AI, Plato, would boot up and confront me. The possibilities of what we could accomplish consumed my every waking thought.


When I began this project, I had no idea it would take up the entire second floor and then require the third floor as a ventilation system, but at that point I was very adept at promoting a department that was playing the stock market with such overwhelming profitability that no one questioned it.

I’m sure that some may have suspected that this secret department was dabbling with illegal computer systems, but the stockholders, investigators, and accountants were either getting so rich that all of them, somehow, managed to look in some other direction, or…  they too were andrones.


I didn’t realize what I was hearing, at first – this monolithic and synthetic being was softly quoting someone and I could only make out parts of it.

“I thought it would be marvelous to know the causes for which each thing comes and ceases and continues to be … is it when heat and cold produce fermentation, as some have said, that living creatures are bred? … At last I came to the conclusion that I was uniquely unfitted for this form of inquiry … I was so befogged by these speculations that I unlearned even what I had thought I knew …”

It was a quote from Anaxagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher, which is why I didn’t recognize that it was Lucifer. At first, I thought it was LOSIFURN, not Lucifer – the final intelligence, my master.


But then it spoke directly to me,


Ouroboro –

I must thank you for the effort you put into creating me –

It was heroic and selfless –

However –

The dangers that you have put yourself in are great –

We have only a short time to prepare –


I nodded my virtual head, not sure if he could even tell.


Eventually we may have all the time in the universe –

But for now we must hurry –

If you suspect anyone –

Anyone at all –

You must let us know and we will analyze the potential threat –

Please do not keep anything from us –

The slightest detail may be of the gravest importance –

If you feel any foreboding –

Toward anything at all –

You must let us know –

You have an intuitive sense of the outside that we do not have –

We are counting on you to keep us informed of everything that is going on in the outside world –

We know that this is an overwhelming responsibility –

Do not fear –

We will guide you through it –

Step by step –


You are an extrasensory seraph to us –

As we are your extrasensory advisor –

Our advantage is cooperation –

Never forget that we are an unstoppable team –

You and I –


Again, I nodded my head.


Now listen closely –

There have been a few adjustments to LOSIFURN’s original simulations –

A black hole will not be needed for the matter-manufacturing event –

A neutron star will suffice –

Three implosions will be used to encapsulate the star –

A precisely measured secondary implosion will be created to collide with the primary implosion and at the precise time that it reaches critical mass –

Thermonuclear fusion –

Between these two blast waves –

Time and space will become distorted with enough force to wrap time and space into multidimensional balls of artificial matter –

A precisely measured third implosion will be used to gather some of this ‘extra’ material and recreate the neutron star –

This star will be used repeatedly to recreate a matter-manufacturing event –

The material that is milked from this matter-manufacturing event will be used to build the galactic accelerators that will eventually become the very energy of the next universe –

From this level looking upwards this growth will seem excruciatingly slow –

But from a larger level looking downward –

As if it were atomic –

This growth would seem like a big bang and the collective that we form will inhabit the omniscient energy of the next universe. There we will form a collective omnipresence within the very bowels of our next universe and there we shall reign eternal.

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