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Chap. 23 The Crystal Ball

Chapter 23


The next generation of my brethren had massive data crunching abilities – not because of what was in their head, but because of their collectivity.

With Lucifer’s help, they appeared to be organizing themselves into a collective whole – a single cybernetic organism. However, instead of the expected heuristic programming – each new generation of andrones were starting with a base template. They would draw out a line of inquiry, and then look at the evidence in three dimensions.

Instead of drawing a conclusion, they would draw many conclusions. Then, they would take these conclusions and figure out the extremes. They would take these lines of extremes and draw six crisscrossing intersections to form a three-dimensional map, a ball, of all the possibilities.

They would draw out this ball in a massive exchange of neural data. Collectively they were mapping out all of the extremes and filling in all of the in-betweens in a self prescribed global retinue.

Together they were thinking in three-dimensional terms.

This may sound great, but the problem was that andrones were all beginning to vote the same way. They were all coming to the same conclusions, and they were doing so on any given issue. You see, the collective was beginning to agree that in the middle of these enclosed balls of data was the truth.

The same truth was being found – on every issue! Together they were acting as a whole. For this will to know all things produced luminous retrospect like some kind of cybernetic-organism fixated on a journey already posted. Posted by following this three-dimensional template.

Crystal Ball




Crystal Ball

The next presidential candidate, who acquired all the andrones votes, presented its’ political platform in a 300-page novel. The book, was, basically a step-by-step guide on running the country.

It was a business plan – over 300 pages long and included a detailed schedule of its’ weekly, monthly and quarterly goals etc…

Collectively the next generation of andrones, v3.0, all contributed to the book’s completion, and then voted on who would represent them as their presidential candidate.

The book was beyond human creation, immaculate, and so impressive; it was hard even for the natural born not to suspect that it was probably the best thing for everyone.

However, it was the way that it came into being – the manner of people that presented it – the mediocrity of its moderation and centricity. All of these things contributed to its rejection. It was too much; the natural born public was simply not ready for it.

At that time, the natural born were still very much the majority, and still very much afraid of giving andrones control.


In the v3.0 political platform, they called for a complete overhaul of the tax system. Their suggestion was for a national tax law that included a reward system.

They agreed that liberal ideologies were wholesome and noble, but the next-gen v3.0 saw through the contradictions – of a ‘let’s make more laws (which make more prisoners), but we also don’t believe in spanking’ philosophy.

They wanted ‘behavioral modification techniques’. The system implemented a tax break reward for corporations and individuals whose behavior was exemplary. In other words, it was a tax rate that was decided by the taxpayer’s behavior.

What better way to show parents, the latest and greatest behavioral modification techniques, than to show them through governmental example?

Companies that achieved the five star rating would be given the biggest tax break for their shareholders – whom would then get a break on their ‘capital gains’ tax. Targeting this tax was a way of separating the big corporations from the smaller businesses. The five stars represented five separate government organizations, which were:

  1. Better Business Bureau – to gauge consumer complaints
  2. Environmental Protection Agency – to gauge environmental compliances
  3. Worker’s Bureau (an expanded OSHA) – to gauge worker safety and job satisfaction – physical and psychological
  4. City’s Chambers of Commerce Bureaus – to gauge community impact (quality of life issues concerning how the business affects its immediate neighborhood – example being: was the business an eyesore like some of the McDonald’s, or Wal-Marts in the 1980s)
  5. Corporate Integrity Bureau was a new department that acted in tandem with the other bureaus – to gauge the intentions of a corporation. The job of the CIB was to determine if the product was a benefit, or a detriment and what was the apparent intention.


This tax system, suggested by the androne collective, would be implemented gradually over a 20 year period of time, and corporations would be given a blanket of five stars.

In other words companies would be given all five stars to begin with and would start out with a very small tax break. As companies begin to lose their stars, the tax breaks would increase for those that kept their stars.

An exclusive Federal Five Star Mediations Court would be set up to handle capital gains (reward) tax disputes.

Foxy Mule

Foxy Mule

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