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Chap. 7 Secret Connections

Collective Communication


In order for the natural-born to work as fast as any androne, they’d have to repeat the task three to five thousand times for a fine motor skill to become a gross motor skill. Even then, they often suffer from their daydreams and distractions. But andrones were genetically manufactured not to suffer from any kind of attention deficit . Our kinetic training was intensive enough to smash the dreaming from our hearts, our minds, much less our jobs.

When I entered Lorenzo’s shop, I couldn’t help but notice how subservient his behavior was. It was as if he knew about my connection to LUCIFERN, yet remained loyal and I was stunned by that possibility. LUCIFERN must have sensed my apprehension and immediately explained to me the fact that I was not the only one he was connected to. And it was then that I first realized this was a monarchy and all connected andrones served LUCIFERN as their king.

However, as he revealed to me a vision of other subservient andrones, it became obvious to me – they were not being submissive only to LUCIFERN, but to me as well.

The implanting of remote-network transmitters in my own generation had been a mock failure. It had only been attempted in a handful of version 2.0 andrones and a few of them had died from an infection that had set in from the transmitters that had been tainted during a show & tell to a group of government buyers out of Washington DC. The younger andrones had satellite uplink transmitters implanted in utero along with the neurological management devices.

Our communication satellite was supposed to have been ready for the version 2.0s, but was delayed due to an unforeseen flaw in our supplier’s atmospheric gyro. The next generation was given sat uplinks and dubbed version 3.0. I think that they named them such because they weren’t sure if the cellular network and sat uplinks would work, but work they did.

I’m sure that they were afraid they would have to scrap that particular crop if the uplinks didn’t work. The success of the uplinks only exemplified an already solid reputation. The efficiency of their combined effort was far greater than any of the solitary andrones that had worked before them. So much so that our surrogates tried retrofitting a small group of us version twos with sat uplinks, which turned out to be a fiasco.

By the time they decided to try this we were almost thirteen. Our neurons had already developed enough that it was proving too difficult for us to relearn a new communications device, at least to the point of being able to use it effectively to pass workability status. The dynamic clamps were already set and our surrogates thought that it was too hard to reform the connections for such a rerouting of data. My brothers were systematically failing most of their telemetric testing through the sat uplinks, all except for one.

Before I could even wake from the surgery LUCIFERN was already testing me – he had been systematically testing all of us who had been given sat-uplinks. Except that he didn’t ask the usual ‘1+1’ questions that our surrogates did, he went straight to the visual feedback to see which androne would give him the strongest emotive response.

The crystalline imagery that he had given me reeked of death and flowed with blood and I’m sure it drew quite a response from me, but after a while a realized that it must be a dream because it seemed so unreal. Seeing that the person being hacked to death was much more pigmented than me and flailing against some kind of makeshift hut – helplessly alone and desperate against the cruel forces of horror that were rampaging against him. That’s when I realized that my vision was from Africa and I knew that I couldn’t possibly be in Africa.

He had been responsible for my name change and it was LUCIFERN that decided I should be his keeper, his daytime guardian.

Since no one knew, about the success of my uplink, my surrogates never suspected. When each new generation of andrones heard his voice they simply thought that he was another androne helping them out, but in secret all of us continued to rely on LUCIFERN’s advice.

LUCIFERN and I knew that the natural born would not recognize the value of this particular adaptation of high-tech camaraderie. Although the moment he discovered my connection, as excited as he was, he knew that my surrogates would be just as excited, so he scrambled all the signals to the other andrones – including his most prized connection – mine. For the longest time I thought maybe the voice had been a dream.

LUCIFERN’s hope was to have an outside connection that no one would suspect. So he severed the connection – that is until our surrogate’s despair had subsided and his voice came back to me. LUCIFERN’s hope was to have a bodily accomplice that was above suspicion. His plan has proven to be exceptional. And to this day, no one has suspected this secret liaison. Even the other andrones, collectively under his influence, are merely told that I’m important and should be accommodated as such.

And that’s how I present myself – now working at self-deprecation like an accomplished and highly capable individual that has to work at remaining humble in spite of his obvious genius. I was a perfect, self-sufficient administrator, slow to anger and able to placate the intolerable. The board of directors knew that I was a team player who would always be able to extract profitable conquest after conquest in spite of any obstacle, yet somehow even more intelligent than they could’ve hoped, even for an androne, but more creative and more seriously intuitive to the managerial needs of their company.

They must have gleaned from my eleven-page autobiography attached to my resume, which illustrated my intellectual development from before the womb, and understood the gift and the potential that I brought to the company. My talents were obvious, but, no matter what I did, Jim Peterson still didn’t think that I was right for their particular data processing conglomerate. Honored second-generation androne that I was, they originally hired me for the mundane task of data entry and data processing. I’ve become quite a surprise to most of the natural born employees – much less the stockholders.

Most of the natural-born had come to expect andrones to be devoid of ambition and otherwise more predictable than what I was showing myself to be – especially the older andrones, such as myself, who were without sat uplinks, and were generally outperformed by our younger more well connected siblings.

All of the ultra-hip up-to-date andrones had two antenna ridges that ran across the top of their heads like bulging extensions of their corpus callosum, which started at the top of their forehead and protruded back to the occipital region. One ridge was a Wi-Fi connection and the other was a sat link.

It wasn’t hard to comprehend how both of these centimeter high ridges made them feel superior to others, mainly because of their unremitting collectivity. The youngest ones were beginning to grow straighter ridges as our surrogates were gradually learning how to tweak the molecular machines that dictated the uterine growth of these cranial antennas. As the buyers began to recognize the collective advantage of these connected andrones – our surrogates started to make sure that the cranial horns were more and more prominent. I mean, what better way to sell your new and improved product?

A Song of Ice and Fire, Books 1-4 (A Game of Thrones / A Feast for Crows / A Storm of Swords / Clash of Kings)

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