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Chap. 8 Global Unity

Global EyeEach new generation was becoming more pompous than the next and thereby more unsociable, even to other Wi-Fi dependent andrones. And even though they were using the very same template for 3D reasoning, that LUCIFERN had invented, it didn’t matter. They continued to be increasingly disrespectful to the older models.

As a whole, they were becoming exceedingly proficient at reducing any given problem to its fundamental principles and then mapping out all of the extremes to find the middle truth. They were using precisely the same template that LUCIFERN and I were proposing Doyen Casaba use for their administrative model.

When andrones weren’t performing a work related task, or completing some job left in their charge, they were surfing their private network – an ‘androne only’ network that was being used to draw out and organize our collective effort. All the while, we were defining our general understanding of everything.

These young soldiers of information were always busy killing the voids in their collective understanding. Their time was never frivolous – each minute was used for thought. If not deep in their own problems, we cybernetically connected andrones were thinking about another androne’s predicament – hypothetical or real, we mapped out solutions to every conceivable challenge before they happened.

This monumental task was being accomplished at an ever-increasing rate. With the never ending input of each new generation, each new crop of andrones were climbing on board to join this collective cause – fuming ants attacking a dark intruder.

We’re immune to the causes of the latest idealisms, or any other naïve childlike modes of political extremism. We’re realistic moderates to a three-dimensional core – we, the connected andrones are always laying bare the superior combinative middle ground – the central truth.

Persistently tolerating the natural-born’s tendency towards one-dimensional thinking in their obsessive-compulsive extremism, which consumed almost every aspect of their simpleminded lives, we often asked, “Where does their intolerant smugness come from?”

Are we to believe that living more stressful, shorter, and less evolved lives warrant superiority – not that we don’t appreciate the economic base that their shopping provides, but they don’t even try to connect to each other on a continual basis. Actually some take great pride in being unconnected.

Other than participating in their mindless social media sites, the natural born have no idea what it’s like to be communicating at all times with the very minds eye of someone in Calcutta, London, Tokyo, and Dallas all at the same time.

These unconnected people talk only to the souls standing directly in front of their faces and yet somehow manage to feel smugly superior for that reason alone! Being at the core of a virtual continuation of the evolution of thought, the younger andrones have every reason to believe in their racial superiority. Except for our sometimes antisocial and exclusive behavior, we seemed united in keeping superiority an assumed secret. Andrones feel sorry for those that are about to be left behind. We feel sorry for those that are not part of the collective.

The natural-born don’t seem to recognize the secret for what it is. When andrones come out of the academy and into a corporation we expect the natural-born to say, “Wow, you’re all interconnected.” But in a corporate environment the natives don’t seem to notice fresh crops of andrones as anything other than a new set of tools.

The academy doesn’t prepare their students for this. The academy leads us to believe that we’re special – we’re actually trained to believe that we are promising components of a cerebral machine. Each day in the academy we were drilled for work. Unlike your education, playtime was never recognized as a legitimate part of our rearing. Preparation for the day when we would be responsible for the chores set forth by an employer was the single solitary focus of our rearing.

Yet, we were not welcomed with open arms. We were taken for granted. Find your niche in the machine. Do your job. Secure your living. Andrones did this very rapidly because we had been trained night and day for twenty years at the academy.

Before our birth, when electrical signals were shocked into our tiny embryonic brains to stimulate the neurons to grow around the nanotronic decipher nodes, we andrones have been regimented into vocational captivity since the beginnings of our invention. But what about our collective secret? Was our collectivity something our creators intended?

So much training and regimented programming, I was equipped for almost any duty that a fortune 500 company could hold me accountable, yet when I got an entry level position, I felt desperate and confused, which was something that I had never felt before.

Data entry at Doyen Casaba Enterprises? I had never heard of Doyen Casaba. I wanted to turn it down, but LUCIFERN told me, almost everyone starts at an entry level position. Data entry at Doyen Casaba Enterprises? Just because you are unfamiliar with it does not mean that it is not important for you to be there. Be patient, you will soon know why it was chosen.

I didn’t even realize it at that time, but that was where LUCIFERN was located – at that time I didn’t even know where the voice was coming from. Maybe I just assumed it was in my head, that it was simply a part of me. Maybe I secretly wished that I was controlling it and maybe LUCIFERN knew this.

My colleagues were surprised that I didn’t get a better offer. They thought that it was beneath me, but LUCIFERN, who had been controlling everything behind the scene, thought that my hesitation was a lack of faith. So he decided to teach me a lesson by leaving me without his support during a last final exam. We had briefly reviewed the key concepts behind Qualitative Methods of Active Template Designs, but I was wholly unprepared to take the exam without his assistance. I was able to pass, but it left me frantic. I wasn’t used to such stress. LUCIFERN had made his point.

Reluctantly, I mailed back my acceptance – and eventually ended up standing in front of a slick black desk looking at Jim Peterson making a spectacle of himself. All because he felt that any fresh androne needed his scrutiny, and needed to understand his self-asserted sense of corporate importance.

Now that an androne and not a natural-born, for the first time, had worked his way from an entry level position to CEO, was what brought this particular conglomerate to the forefront of the academy’s most sought after job applications. To promote from within was one thing, but to promote an androne to CEO was unheard of.

That’s why all of the best andrones will apply to Doyen Casaba Enterprises after each year end semester. We’re one of the most sought after job appointments. When I first started, no one had heard of this place. Now Doyen Casaba Enterprises has its pick of the most talented andrones the academy has to offer.

Up to this point Jim Peterson had done everything that he could to keep Doyen Casaba Enterprises free of andrones and free of what he called the ‘lily white Martian invaders’.

However, in doing so he had kept the company from maintaining its competitive edge and so he was eventually coerced into letting an androne take over data entry in the accounting department for a six week trial. LUCIFERN had prepared for this. For me to get into the company LUCIFERN knew that the natural born had to fail.



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