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Chap. 9 Human Error

User Error

Damn Robots

“Human errors are very common, and they’ve been happening since the beginning of electronic record keeping. The entire ‘systems modernization project’ is going to have to be scrapped.” FBI spokesperson Andrea Jacobson said Wednesday at a congressional hearing concerning the increasing mistakes made in the Fed’s data collections.

Experts agree that even though technology screw-ups may be happening with increasing frequency within the government, computer and software upgrades in the private industry break down just as often. However, experts also noted that these corporate failures were rarely publicized by congressional committees, federal investigators and inspectors general.                                    Washington Neotribunall December 17th 2087.

So, for the last year and a half, LUCIFERN had been sabotaging data everywhere and making it look like human error.

The clerks at Doyen Casaba Enterprises, whom were responsible for maintaining the accounting’s collection of numerical data, were working overtime tracking down the continual screw-ups. Eventually, the blitzkrieg of Jim’s lack of understanding caught up with the accounting VPs as they began to lose patience and transfer out to other departments.

In a crystal palace you don’t quit, you transfer. No one wants to lose the safety of the corporate home they’ve grown accustomed to.

Making the natives seem incompetent wasn’t hard, and their emotional outburst only lit up the accounting imperfections for all to see. They behaved as little light houses illuminating LUCIFERN’s handy work with such zeal, such melodrama. The effect was just what LUCIFERN had predicted and it left the door wide open for the hiring of an androne.

This door opened specifically for you Ouroboro.

LUCIFERN’s words were always crystalline and never strayed from the objective, the schedule. They were the same as cryptogram, my dynamism – the energetic attribute of words that were injected into my very nerves. I never had to ask what the words meant because I knew, taken out of any standard digital formatting, the direction that he was pointing me and I understood what all of the subtle simulated nuances meant. Or did I?

I’ve studied this for over two decades and I still haven’t learned everything that LUCIFERN has discovered with his seemingly unlimited memory. Why did something that powerful need to hide? What was wrong with letting everyone know about such genius, no matter how synthetic it might be? Maybe it’s too quick, too omniscient, and too practical for the human dimension.

And now I’ve been selected to run this sovereign conglomerate, this communal endeavor.

By the time Jim had stepped down to retire as CEO and join the board of directors, the repulsion he carried toward anything androne, was to him the opposite of wooing the other board members and he looked down upon us all. But he had misread this impassive lily-white race as something other than capable, something other than ambitious, something deformed. I could see it in his face.

At the board meeting, Jim Peterson had underestimated me. This was obvious by the astonished expression on his face – one of the attributes of being part of the natural-born, that compulsion not only to run with the first emotional conclusion, but to surrender erotically to the primal aspects of feeling itself.

What he thought was going to happen was that I would crumble under the weight of all those elderly board members staring expectantly. What he needed to happen was that I would credit some natural-born manager with my success. Yet, after his initial shock, to my proposal, he sat up straight and took a moment to recover by way of some arrogant posturing. This might not have been the beginnings of why we never got along. Although he didn’t know it, but this was the beginning of his struggle to maintain control of a company that was slowly eroding into the hands of my race, my brethren, my designer genes.

“How much more must we turn over to these impotent creatures, these modified subhuman things that we call andrones – and now you want to give them control of highest position in management? What on earth are we going to do when one day they realize that they have no further use for us? What then?”

By October, when the next quarterly report was disclosed, we had fourteen new major accounts and twenty-seven new minor accounts and had lost only three of the old accounts. But they were minor accounts and it was due to nonpayment. The board was astonished and Jim was incensed. They had no idea what one little androne could do.

After witnessing the quarterly report, the board went on an acquisition binge. They began to acquire as many andrones as they had money to get.

“I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all,” Jim said. “They must be stopped.” He walked over to the metal door and pushed his way out. By the end of the next quarter, they had purchased fifty additional andrones at a volume discount for triple what it would have cost to acquire ten thousand of the latest servers.

Jim told his friends, “Never mind the cost. That can be written off – it’s the people they’re replacing. With that many dronies – soon they won’t need any of us.”

Let me digress for a moment and give an honest opinion of Jim Peterson.

First of all Jim focused almost exclusively on himself rather than others, and he rationalized that it was the only way to succeed. What might have been considered normal ambition and determination, had turned into obsession.

He did whatever he thought it would take to reach the top of the organization. Whether he was humiliating his peers in front of upper management, or lying to clients, he did any and everything to reach the top rung of Doyen Casaba. He was, by all witnessed accounts, incapable of teamwork.

The only time he ever supported someone else, on any project, was when he manipulated them. If the deal were good enough – he would have sold his own mother and everything she owned. Any employee that tried to point out his management problems soon found themselves at odds with Jim for the remainder of their employment.

Second, Jim was not above extracting vengeance and he never forgave anyone for anything. He really thought that he was the best – extreme narcissism. Sometimes he would be secretive – at another times he would be flat out aggressive.

He really wanted to be king and that’s why he hated having to retire into a position on the board of directors. And then sit and watch as andrones took over the company – a company that has literally become sanctuary to so many andrones.

Since working here I’ve found that what I originally thought was true was not. Actually, nothing had really changed since the beginning of the century. The crime rate hasn’t gotten any better, if anything it was worse, and the enclosing of corporate structures had only made crime disappear on the inside – on the outside, it continued to be more rampant than ever. These corporate cities were created in response to human errors; crime and terrorism, control of intellectual property, and the riots (those pesky rednecks).


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