Dec 04

Chap. 11 Machine Dreams

ouroborosOuroboro, wake up. Add to the future. There is nothing but the schedule, add everything.
What was that a dream?
Ouroboro, wake up!
No, it had not been a dream. I have been summoned once again.
My godchine, it wasn’t even 7 o’clock yet! I wasn’t planning to get up until 8, but Luciferin thought otherwise.
According to that never ending voice in my head, I was to contact the third shift research staff that it started at 5 a.m. And were going to activate the Transformers connected by the 2nd shift. However, the transducers weren’t ready. Third shift was restless about being on hold.
I was glad they weren’t natural-born workers. The negativity of the natural born could be so melodramatic and such a drag.
My meteoric rise to the top and not been painless, What with the constant prodding of Lucifer to stay awake and do his bidding. A 15 minute nap here, or 30 minute nap there, I could only take my dreams in snatches.
Lucifer only let me take breaks when I could see that sleep deprivation was taking its toll.
In all this wakefulness I was constantly buying new equipment. Collectively our efforts were adding up. In the last three years, and inside the company budget, there wasn’t a single dime left for anything but our secret department.

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