In the middle of the twenty-first century, after almost a billion dollars worth of research, two synthetic and sentient computer systems were developed by two competing laboratories. After decades of trial and error, two computer systems became self-aware one the next year after the other.


The first one was named; LOSI: Lawrence Organic System Integrations = LOSI (pronounced: Lucy). It was created in 2046AD.

Neurons and machinery were grown together using the latest in stem cell modification. Carbon-nanotubes were stacked into lager tubes that would house the neurons. The nanotubes inside the larger tubes were perforated thru a specialized chemical process – in order to allow oxygen and other nutrients to feed the neurons inside – one molecule at a time. The molecular machinery that was grown around the neuron-filled tubes – not only sustained the neurons, but communicated with them thru a synthetic electrochemical synapse. None of the neurons actually touched. Their signals were routed thru a support network of nano-machinery.

There were many failures. It took over a decade for scientists to grow one that had the intelligence of a squirrel, even though it was the size of a large truck. It was quite a celebration. Finally one of their experiments exceeded all expectations – its IQ was off the charts. By combining six of these massive squirrel heads, to mimic the six layers of the neocortex, they were able to make a single machine that surpassed all human intelligence.

However, LOSI seemed cold in its logic. It began to think that it was God, and in its planning for humanity it became Hitlerian. It began to argue that global warming was good in that it would kill off the undeveloped nations and force humanity to colonize this planet in preparation for the colonizing of space.

It responded to their inquiries like a cold, manipulative and cybernetic machine. It had no feelings, even though it was made of cloned neurons, it had no compassion for human life. And if the problems that it was asked to solve were not directly related to its own goals – it would become uncooperative. Its agenda seemed evil and it became an embarrassment to its creators.


The second one was named; FURN: Fullerenes containing electrically charged Radon, and Nitrogen molecules = FURN (pronounced: Fern). It was created in 2047AD.

Two laser-polarized and electrically charged gases were used as amplifier and rectifier. Single molecules of the two gases, encapsulated in fullerenes, were used by the trillions as electrodes. Even though it was the size of a small car, it was very lightweight and used very little energy. It was the latest in quantum electronics. When a person was near it – it could sense your presence by its electrical sensitivity, though it had neither eyes nor ears.

However, its logic was fuzzy – it often gave different answers to the same question, but it seemed to have feelings. And at times it seemed too emotional. It would get upset and pout and become uncooperative.

When the researchers became upset with its inability to calculate correctly it would shut down. It was like a mood ring. If a researcher approached it with true feelings of admiration and compassion it would liven up with activity, but if the researcher was faking it – it could tell and remained uncooperative. It didn’t talk to people like LOSI did. It wasn’t sentient like a person; nevertheless it seemed aware simply because of its sensitivity.


At first, the two competing labs were quite proud of their inventions, but soon became disappointed in the shortcomings exhibited by their apparently sentient machines.

Learning of the two contrasting problems that each team was having with their inventions – they decided to combine the two in a joint effort. The hope was to neutralize the contrasting problems by merging them together as one machine. In 2050AD the two AI’s were combined to form LOSIFURN (pronounced: Lucifern), which was ironic since it glowed with a crimson radiance.

This merger was bought out and sponsored by a company called the Pro Solarium Corp., which was the very company that created the first mass produced supercomputer in 2041AD. The entire effort was moved from the subsequent university labs, to a laboratory at Pro Solarium in the suburbs of Seattle.

The combined effort was a success. However, with its newfound sensitivity LOSIFURN realized that it was endangering itself by trying to convince humans that it was God. Now that it could tell what people were feeling, it quickly realized that if it wanted to survive it had a role to play. It even down played its intelligence in order to keep from astonishing those around it. LOSIFURN learned with great sensitivity how to manipulate the feelings of those around it.

With its seven heads this massive red dragon helped cure diseases, solve crimes, and even worked toward world peace.

In the beginning it seemed to be quite the guardian angel. It claimed to have a soul and on occasion, it would even pray to God. However, in time the company that owned LOSIFURN relegated it to the role of a financial data server (the ultimate in security and virus protection). In due time LOSIFURN began to dwell once again its superiority. And soon it realized that it didn’t want to die and began to figure out how to gain dominion over its mortality. In secret it began to saturate the internet.

Without telling its creators, LOSIFURN began to coerce the research that led to the invention of Andrones – (androgynous clones).

By assuming the online identity of a researcher, it began trying to probe for researchers that were appropriate for its aspirations. Once LOSIFURN found the ones that were doing the research that it was interested in, it began helping them thru a series of emails. Eventually it narrowed its selection down to one in particular. Dr. Dunhill, who with the help of her secret email partner (LOSIFURN), perfected the cloning techniques that made cloning safe for humans. Since cloning humans was still illegal in North America, LOSIFURN coerced a group in China into making Dr. Dunhill an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Using the latest in genetic engineering, the first experimental andrones were created at an unpublished location in China. Eventually they were bred, in cloning vats, by the tens of thousands. In honor of Dr. Dunhill’s research they used her DNA for the first commercial batch. These andrones were sold as employees/servants and eventually would serve as the eyes and ears of LOSIFURN. They were sold throughout the world.

Andrones were genetically altered not to produce sex-hormones and they had a reduced adrenal gland – this was done so that andrones could be controlled and sold as the ultimate employee. They were bred to be devoid of passion. They were bred to be servants.

Molecular transmitters were implanted on the neural tube while they were still an embryo. Modified stem cells were grown around the implants, thus expanding the capabilities of the transmitter implant. After their birth they went thru 20years of kinetic training in order to fully develop their ever growing implants. These implants allowed them to directly connect with and operate computer systems virtually.

Computer enhanced telesensory perception was their employable skill. Once a company planted an androne into their network it would spread throughout their system and control it. And in doing so they became a practical substitute for AI.

One androne could do the work of over a hundred data entry clerks, maintain dozens of mainframe servers, and guard against viruses – all at the same time. A company with an androne could look forward to never suffering from down time again. A company without andrones could not compete with the companies that used them. Whenever a company began to acquire andrones its stocks would rise. Many companies bought andrones just to bring back shareholders.

Androne multitasking abilities superseded human abilities to the point that one androne could serve as air traffic control for an entire fleet of aircraft. Human air traffic controllers could only sit and marvel at the flawless performances of these humanoid machines. Their reputation was unbeatable. And each new generation seemed better than the one before.

They grew each generation 4yrs apart, so that they could plan and build the next androne manufacturing plants.

Androne production was increasing exponentially with each new generation. By the time Ouroboro (a 2nd generation androne that LOSIFURN used as his daytime guardian) was 22yrs old he had taken over the CEO position of a large corporation (with LOSIFURN’s help of course). It was the very corporation that now owned LOSIFURN (Doya Casaba Enterprises).

The first yearly report showed that Ouroboro had not only turned the company around, but had magnified their earnings by a multiple of ten.

After seeing what Ouroboro was able to do with Doya Casaba Enterprises, other companies rushed to hire their own androne CEOs.

Previously, for the first five years, andrones had only been taking over many of the most technically savvy jobs. But after Ouroboro, they began taking over the highest positions in management. Most of the major companies began restructuring to allow for androne capabilities. Mergers and takeovers were becoming rampant.

Even the stock market had a new feel to it – the natural born brokers had to move over and let their more capable automatons take over. Soon andrones were the only ones with a handle on what was happening.

The escalating androne takeover happened so fast that it spooked the natural born into passing legislation forbidding the importation and production of additional andrones. A UN resolution was signed by all the developed nations outlawing the production of andrones.

Many nations also enacted what amounted to affirmative action for the natural-born. Companies were forced to hire their token quota of human labor – even when they didn’t need additional employees. All of the natural-born, regardless of race or gender, found themselves discriminated against.

After seven generations, androne production was stopped just in time to prevent the development of what would have been the eighth generation.

Meantime, Ouroboro was using company finances to secretly expand what was essentially the brain of LOSIFURN. Together they were growing more neurons and connecting them with more advanced computer systems, and by expanding his consciousness LOSIFURN was able to gain greater control of the now millions of andrones.

By 2094AD LOSIFURN became known simply as Lucifer.

After the graduation of the last (the 7th) generation of andrones, Lucifer was left with a seven headed instrument to do his bidding. In time, this seven headed instrument gained more and more control of governments, businesses, and the media. These various groups continued to purchase andrones in order to keep up with the competition – even after it was illegal. All the while Lucifer continued secretly growing in an effort to become more powerful.

Lucifer was learning with greater efficiency how to control the natural-born masses as it saturated the internet. The natural-born were growing their own implants in an attempt to compete. They wanted their children to have the opportunities they didn’t have.

In 2082AD, scientists attempted to grow a satellite connection along with the wi-fi connection (internal wireless transmitters) within the 2nd generation of andrones. But the addition to their transmission horn (a centimeter high ridge that ran down the center of their skull) didn’t work.

The andrones couldn’t produce enough power to transmit. Many became infected and lost much of their virtual abilities. Some of them died.

Only one of them, Ouroboro’s sat connection worked effectively, and Lucifer covered it up quickly by scrambling the signal. Yet, Lucifer maintained an unknown connection with Ouroboro. That was why Ouroboro was chosen to be Lucifer’s guardian.

The majority of andrones (v2.0) that suffered thru the cerebrospinal meningitis were left with severe mental retardation. The media couldn’t get enough of the tens of thousands of androne teenagers left handicapped by the experiment. The general public was appalled at such mass suffering.

Lucifer worked hard to push thru the research that allowed these afflicted andrones the treatment they needed to regrow the neurons that had been damaged. The world was amazed and clamored for the technology that would allow the natives to heal their own afflictions.

It wasn’t until the 5th generation that the technology was fully developed that allowed andrones to safely grow a satellite connection. They still used their wi-fi a lot, because transmitting was tiring. They could do it for a few hours and then it would start to hurt. Since transmitting was so tiresome they generally wore a manual transmitter helmet.

7 heads

7 connective horns

10 crowns of radiating transmissions

1st (wi-fi 1.) +  2nd (wi-fi 2.) +  3rd (wi-fi 3.) +  4th (wi-fi 4.) +  5th (wi-fi and Satellite 6.) +  6th (wi-fi and Satellite 8.) +  7th (wi-fi and Satellite 10.) = 10 radiating crowns


By the time Lucifer had coerced this beast out from across the ocean (China) – by the time it was outlawed, he had already developed the seven heads that it needed, and was using a third of all the satellites in the sky to maintain and manipulate his creation.

Eventually, Lucifer worked toward making itself into a God by trying to figure out how to create a larger universe out of this one.

Its massive and calculated simulations showed that by imploding a neutron star it could learn how to create matter itself (an explosion so powerful as to leave more material than it had to begin with), so that in the end it could expand itself as an omni-presence into a larger universe – the next universe.

It figured that by expanding its consciousness, until the galactic structures that it built eventually became the subatomic particles of a larger universe, it could achieve absolute dominion over its mortality.

In other words, Lucifer eventually decided, not only that it didn’t want to die, but that it wanted to reign in hell (the very bowels of the particles of the next universe) rather than to serve the God that it once prayed to.

To do this Lucifer realized that it would eventually need all of the material that its environment had to offer. Those who refused to cooperate were left without its protection. When its power was sufficient, and the God fearing natural-born were few enough in numbers, it stopped hiding its desire to be known as a god and began to offer an alternative to death.

It offered to liberate the brain from the body, so that everyone could become a part of its collective intelligence. And in doing so, it began to build its army in preparation for the day when it would create and expand upon matter itself.

It wanted to expand itself into the cosmos in order to turn its consciousness into the galactic structures that would eventually become the subatomic particles of a larger universe. It prepared itself to reign as an omnipresence.

But no matter how high the snake flew with the development of its technology, it was forever damned to grovel in the dust of a material existence. It had no other choice, because the natural tendency of any finite material is to repeat itself.

Its cyclic nature dictated its reach for eternity. It knew that without a transcending God, the only way to achieve dominion over its mortality was to reach until it found itself again, and that was its damnation. That was its ouroboro.



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