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Jan 03

Chap. 23 The Crystal Ball

Chapter 23 The next generation of my brethren had massive data crunching abilities – not because of what was in their head, but because of their collectivity. With Lucifer’s help, they appeared to be organizing themselves into a collective whole … Continue reading

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Aug 04

Chap. 19 To Be The Center Of Attention

When he was twenty years old, Noah graduated from the academy as valedictorian specializing in ‘Quantitative Analysis of Production Methods’, which is basically statistics. There were many times when he helped me with my own studies, but he never seemed … Continue reading

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Jul 04

Chap. 18 Shifting Times

The academy was producing andrones at an exponential rate – not only andrones, but also androne producing franchises. Every four years another batch – another generation was spilling forth from the uterine vats. Four years between each new generation gave … Continue reading

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Feb 04

Chap. 13 Obliging Little Angels

  Anna presses her hands down the sides of her hips to straighten her gray skirt, which is hidden under a sterile lab coat. Walking down the hall, she passes Gail’s office on her way to the company courtyard. . … Continue reading

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Apr 04

Chap. 4 My Rise to Power

  It was January when I first applied for the top management position at what is now the Doyen Casaba Conglomerate – four years after starting in data entry. One of the board members, Jim Peterson, had thought to lose … Continue reading

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